Oceanside Family Pet Photo Session

I couldn’t wait to share these images of Jake and Manny! They turned out way too cute and I’m in love with their little faces! Manny, was kind of shy and was feeling slightly nervous. The funny thing is he so photogenic you really can’t tell. I mean look at him he’s downright regal. Jake was the funniest, cutest little thing. SHE is a character inspired by my clients favorite show when she was a child and just had to have a doggie names Jake. Those little faces are a pet photographers dream!

This was a fun little family to work with. I love it when people think of their dogs as their kids. Mostly because I am guilty it myself, honestly its feels downright natural. Our session was an anniversary gift given to Amy by her thoughtful hubby AJ. I know I’m kind of biased but what a great gift!

We had fun and nice time at the park and got to enjoy some beautiful image for our efforts. I mean really, what’s not to like about any of this experience 🙂









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2017 Holiday Pet Photography Special

I get very happy this time of year because the weather is changing and the Fall weather will be here soon!

In honor of this, I’m getting my Holiday Pet Photography Special out early this year so we can take advantage of the gorgeous weather!

Call me at 951-265-0517 to get started planning for your 2017 portrait and cards!


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Meet Our Friend Lilly

Lilly was our mischievous little beige cat for 16 years and we enjoyed her so much. She was such a fun kitty to play with and she had an obvious sense of humor and liked to play and be involved in whatever we were doing!

This past year she’s been my office cat so I can keep an eye on her because she was suffering with a medical condition that we just could no longer let her go on enduring. This is THE worst part of all this and despite the amount of pets we have it never seems to get any easier.

We really miss her frown already 🙁 but I also feel like she is still here, saying her funny little “gwahhh gwahhh” meaow and looking around to see what of mine was around she could steal and chomp on before running away in glee. We miss you Lilly so much, and thank you for being our dear friend for such a long time.

Lilly also went by, “Lillers, Yellowhead, The Chomper” and lots of “Hey get outta there you!” exclamations. She was blind in her left eye we don’t know what happened to her but she was in pretty sad shape when they found her in a repair shop. She was tough though and it never seemed to bother her too much but she did misjudge distances often. Nevertheless I saw perform some incredible feats of agility. Super determined little thing I should have never taught her to unroll the toilet paper. Took me years to get her to unlearn that but it always gave me a chuckle to come in and find her claw marks because I knew she’d had a blast.

Bye for now Lilly, we love you to pieces.


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Little Man Tito – Min Pin Session in Temecula!

Oh this little guy is so full of personality! Tito’s lovely owner had some concerns about how excited he becomes over folks and other dogs walking by, so we planned our session on the edge of the park where it was quieter. We ended up with surprise guests and guess what he did great! He was excited! But that was ok, because he was having so much fun and getting treats that our session took first place in his priorities, haha, it’s was very and extremely cute!

When I have sessions like this I love the fact that the pet photography turns out with a very lively feeling to it. Letting pets have fun is a great way to go, they really don’t necessarily HAVE to stand that still. I am of course always ready for the little moment when they do. I think we were all very pleased with this dog photography session. It certainly had all the elements I look for and I know my client loved the images so much as well. Meeting little Tito was certainly a pleasure and I’d predicted a dog named Tito would be. I hope to see them again sometime we can catch up!






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Annie and Linda – Pet Photography – Healthy Pet Magazine

I’ve been waiting, not so patiently, for the summer publication of Healthy Pet, published by www.vetstreet.com and yay! It’s out! Annie, the rescue dog I photographed is a small Chihuahua who has survived some harrowing experiences. I guess you can her a death defying little rescue. She survived living on the streets, a severe case of kennel cough and even a rattlesnake bite. She is such a tiny little thing that it all seems very remarkable when you meet her.

Annie and Linda, her very loving owner, met me at a gorgeous park in the shadow of the San Bernardino mountains. Let me tell you something she LOVES Linda, it was very cute. I was able to strategically place Linda wherever I wanted Annie to look. Though tiny she has a proud little stance but is also very loving. She wants to look you in the face and will literally climb up your leg like a cat does. I saw her do it to Linda! So funny, she has a lot of personality. So glad none of those very serious experiences did her in.

Photographing Annie was an inspiring reminder that it doesn’t matter how big you are but really the strength of your heart and spirit. I have no doubt she can handle anything in her future and I hope that it’s just love, pets and long walks with her beloved Linda.

Visit the Healthy Pet Magazine Website


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