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In Memory of Missy – Pet Photography

Oh Im so sad to have to write two of these in a row :0(  Unfortunately we lost another one of our little furry friends this week. Missy who Ive groomed and photographed for many years now passed away Friday night. Missy was almost 16 yrs old but still had a very regal air to her. She was a very sophisticated little thing and held her head high always. You could really tell she was a confident little dog.

Still Missy was a happy little pomeranian mix and even liked to drive her little “car” around the yard. She was great with children and I know she is really going to be missed by her family and us as well. Our hearts go out to her family and we hope that they are doing okay. Its so hard to lose our little furry friends especially around the holidays but Missy still will live in our hearts forever.


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In Memory of Brandy – Pet Photography

We are so saddened to hear of Brandy’s passing she was a such a sweet and gentle little terrier and we knew her for many years. Brandy and Sarah were clients of our Sudsy Puppy Grooming service for many years. Its amazing how you get to know these little friends over many years of seeing them month after month. You really get to develop a relationship not only with clients but with the pets themselves. Brandy hated being cold I remember always putting the heater in front of her after her bath, she really liked that would huddle close wrapped in a fluffy warm towel.

  Her owner Pattie is very sad to see her go and so are we. Brandy we will miss seeing you little one and we know that you are in a better place. I’m so glad that we photographed her and her buddy Sara last year, no one was expecting the sudden heart condition that took her away.  Brandy and Sara had great fun playing in the yard while we took pictures and were happy to pose for us in return for snacks. Sara seemed a little suspicious about what the heck I was doing at her bouse but got over it quickly thanks to some hot dog snacks. Brandy didnt seem to notice and was happy to pose wherever I put here. It was great fun. Thank you Brandy for being a friend and a part of our lives you will be missed!!pet-photography-a-memorial pet-photography-memorial


Paws for Wounded Vets – Pet Photography Shoot

Wow this was an amazing experience! I was fortunate enough to get to spend time with the PAWZ, CST Puppy Raisers group and document their week long service dog training sessions. These wounded vets and other disabled individuals were learning for the first time how to handle their new service dogs, in private and in public. I was amazed at the in depth 10 day training event and how much they would learn. The sessions included visits to the mall, learning how to properly care for and maintain their service dogs, and education on how to continue to reinforce the extensive training that these dogs have already received. The dedication of the PAWZ group remarkable. These ladies and gents really care about both vets and dogs and make no bones about the fact that they expect these working dogs to be treated well and as as part of the family. Needless to say I was very impressed and enjoyed getting to know this very cool group of people. Congratulation guys and great job guys! I enjoyed hanging out with and look forward to seeing you all again in January’s graduation!



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Escondido Pet Photography Session

You won’t have more fun than Rhonda and her Furr Gang, Callie, Wyatt & Huck. Our Pet photography session took place on a private ranch near Escondido in San Diego County and we all really had a blast. Wyatt the “Go to Ground” Jack or Parson Russel Terrier was a riot. That little guy hears the slightest rustle in the grass and is off! Huck and Callie who are also sports dogs are avid in the sport of agility were lots of fun too. Rhonda who has spent her share of time behind the lens of a camera has this pack well used to posing for photographs. I couldn’t ask for a more fun loving and obedient group of pals.

Pet Photography Escondido

We spent the afternoon on the private ranch walking, talking and taking shot after shot. I really enjoyed talking with Rhonda and hearing about hers and the dogs many adventures. Rhonda really gave me a treat by inviting me to the private ranch where we were able to see views of the valley and many gorgeous and interesteding plants.  These are lives fully lived and it was a privilege to spent time with all of them!

Pet Photography in Escondido, San Diego, Ca

Pet Photography San Diego County, Ca