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© © 2017 Banyan Photography
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about me


Sooo, I was that shy awkward kid that brought strays home and then gave them a bath in the tub. Since then I've spent the majority of my years of life in the service of pets and their people. When I met my husband Joe who is also a pet lover we both agreed that we would always have pets because we believe that they affect our lives in a profound way. I won't bore you with why, because if you are here reading this, then you already know.

We have so many amazing stories to tell! Why not photograph them? Love, laughter, rescue, reunions, beginnings, bittersweet endings, and sometimes flat out heartbreak. Thing is, it's always worth it. When we look at a clawed or chewed piece of furniture or that unfortunate vet bill it doesn't matter, we still love them. They are absolutely worth it.

Offering my services as a pet photographer was a natural next step in my career with dogs and cats and it's opened up a whole new world of opportunities to enjoy their company. I especially love to take dogs outdoors and photograph them in natural settings. It is always fun, every time, always a little adventure.

‚ÄĚNever mind, said Hachiko each day. Here I wait, for my friend who's late. I will stay, just to walk beside you for one more day." - Jess C. Scott

For the years of 2012 - 2014 I was honored to be awarded Pet Photographer of the year from the Professional Photographers of San Diego County. Yet very truly, my reward is what I get to do. I absolutely love it and I am excited by each and every request I receive to photograph someone's beloved pet. I do strive to continualy learn and educate myself in my craft and promote professionalism in my trade. I am PPA Certified Professional Photographer and an active member of the Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of San Diego County, and Inland Empire Professional Photographers and Videographers.

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