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Gidget & Buddy – Pet Photography Session

These two were just too much fun. Gidget and Buddy are the sweetest little pomeranians ever. After I’d arrived in Menifee for their session they just danced, ran and capered with me all afternoon and we all had a great time. Both dogs are owned by a grooming client of mine of many years and this was my first opportunity to professionally photograph them. I hope to do this again soon as, again we had a blast!

Professiona Pet Photography


Professional Pet Photography


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Ami the Boston Terrier – Pet Photography Session

This is Ami and she is our dog, what an smart dog she is! Joe and I have had many (many :0) pets and she is hands down the most intelligent and obediant. She is loads of fun and we adore her. On this shoot Ami and I were out in the wee hours of sunrise to see what interesting setting we could find. Below is the result of our efforts:

Boston Terrier - Professional Pet Photography

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Princess the Pomeranian – Pet Photography Session

Yay for Princess! She was SO good for our photo session. I am fortunate that her owner has spent many hours dressing up and photographing her thoughout her life, so this was all old news.  As long as the hot dogs kept coming she was happy to cooperate! Princess has lived with cushing disease all her life and was only supposed to live a short time. Ive been fortunate to have been her groomer and now professional photographer for many of them. She’s a special little girl!

Professional Pet Photography Session

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