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A Day at the Beach – Del Mar Dog Beach

This was such a fun session. Joe and I arrived early and sat and watched the waves rolling in and the dogs all jumping in and out of them with glee. I could sit there all day and watch, the dogs are just having such a great time. I really need to plan a day off to just do this. Yes that’s what I would do on a day off!

Diana, Lola and Max all met us a bit later and Lola was soooo excited we had to let her chase the ball a few times. It was so funny to me that she just needed 2 or 3 good throws and then she was ready to meet us and do whatever the heck it was we were up to. I knew those waves were calling to them so I tried to hurry up with the portraits so the real fun could be had.

After they did their best to stay put and look at me it was reward time. Jumping in the OCEAN! Let me just say this was coolest part. I wish every session could end like that. I was able to get some very pretty photos of them jumping and playing in the water and when the light got too low we were off to find some dinner. The dogs and Diana however were still out there having the time of their lives. It was truly heartwarming. Can’t wait for the next beach session, they are always amazing 🙂

beach laborador retriever photography

beach laborador retriever photography

beach laborador with ball photography

beach portrait with dogs

dog in ocean

dog running in ocean

dog playing at the beach

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