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Ruger the Mexican Hairless Dog – Professional Pet Photography

I’ll just go ahead and admit that when I saw photos of Ruger on Facebook I was immediately smitten with him! I wanted to photograph him very much! He is obviously a neat looking little fellow but know that he’s got the personality to match. An observant little guy he is getting used to living at a new home with one of my good friends Nitro the Jack Russell. I hear they are both having a blast and have become fast friends well matched in energy and temperament. I can imagine what they must sound like tearing around the house.

Ruger has such an interesting background. The Mexican hairless, also known as xōlōitzcuintli (nicknamed Xolo), is not related to the Chinese Crested although they do look kind of similar. This breed is over 3500 years old. I’m no expert but found it fascinating to read and learn more about this type of dog. I found it interesting that they appear in many artifacts and are the national dog of Mexico. What I do know for sure is that Ruger is a very nice dog, cute, inquisitive, and very elegant and I would not mind having a Ruger of my own!

banyan-pet-photography-mexican-hairless-1 banyan-pet-photography-ruger-1 banyan-pet-photography-ruger-1-2 banyan-pet-photography-ruger-1-3

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Paws for Wounded Vets – Pet Photography Shoot

Wow this was an amazing experience! I was fortunate enough to get to spend time with the PAWZ, CST Puppy Raisers group and document their week long service dog training sessions. These wounded vets and other disabled individuals were learning for the first time how to handle their new service dogs, in private and in public. I was amazed at the in depth 10 day training event and how much they would learn. The sessions included visits to the mall, learning how to properly care for and maintain their service dogs, and education on how to continue to reinforce the extensive training that these dogs have already received. The dedication of the PAWZ group remarkable. These ladies and gents really care about both vets and dogs and make no bones about the fact that they expect these working dogs to be treated well and as as part of the family. Needless to say I was very impressed and enjoyed getting to know this very cool group of people. Congratulation guys and great job guys! I enjoyed hanging out with and look forward to seeing you all again in January’s graduation!



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PPSDC San Diego Print Competition

Last night was a rush! Im happy to report that I’ve received my first merit at the PPSDC’s Print Comp. A very challenging and educational competition that is by and for photographer. My image, naturally was in the pet photography category :0) This photo was taken at Balboa Park I noticed the little dog racing for the fountain and instictively knew he was heading in so I started running too. This shot was the most interesting of the bunch that I shot of him (or her). One of the things I like the best about this photo is the action this dog is having 100% fun, completely lacking in self conciousness and totally in the moment. Dogs (and cats) are awesome for this and I love to capture them in these moments!

Print Comp Pet Photography Category

Pet Category - Merit Score 81

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Escondido Agility Show – Pet Photography

We sure had a great time at the agility games on Sat in Escondido. I ran my Pet Photography Boothe with our friend Lisa while she taped agility games for participants. We met lots of neat new people and dogs and got to see some old friends from agility class. Tendonitis prevents Ami and I from competing too but this is only temporary and Ami is quite good at her agility! Below is a shot I took of a clever and cute little fellow named Frito. Frito was dumped in a trash can but saved and later adopted to two lovely ladies from Palm Springs he is currently in agility training and I got to snap a few shots of him while they looked at videos. For such a sad history he’s a friendly little guy and cute as can be. He also did great on his run and we are so happy for him, what a turn around, and kudos to all you folks who adopt little guys like Frito, they sure do deserve a chance for a good life too!

Professional Pet Photography Escondido


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Lena, Aiko, Odette & Stolie

What a fun pet photography session this was! Aiko and Odette did wonderfully for their photo session. Both agility and obediance trained dogs they were comfortable with being “put” in places so I could photograph them and their gorgeous owner Lena is lots of fun and up for anything! I was happy to help Lena commorate her love for her dog  Aiko as he’s now gotten up in age and won’t be competing in agility as much. Odette in her youth is full of energy and has this cute way of looking at you with her ears down and eyes looking up! Also included is Stolie the cat, not to be left out he literally chased me around the yard backwards very intriuged with my camera and what I was doing. What a cool cat :0)Pet Portrait PhotographyProfessional Photography

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