Pet Family Photo Session – Oceanside, Ca


I have to say this was a pretty exciting session. While I normally leave to arrive at a pet photography session early, I did on this day not knowing that the freeway was closing down due to a brush fire! That said I really didn’t want to miss it so we ended 4WD off the freeway out of a huge mess (with some guidance from the authorities) and arriving at Oceanside beach in the nick of time. So I have to say despite the fact I was a wee bit stressed about the excitement, that soon turned into happiness at how pretty the photos were turning out. Maggie, the dachshund and her gorgeous owners looked and dressed great and we became celebrities of the beach as did our session! It was a fantastic sunset, creamy with luscious colors and it really just goes to show everything we put into these efforts is absolutely worth it! Can’t wait to go back again.




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  1. Karen Dressel April 5, 2017 at 10:02 pm #

    What great pictures!

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