Pet Portrait Painting in the Inland Empire

I am having such a nice time creating these new digital paintings made from the photos of pet sessions that I have with my clients! This one below is my latest and I really like the way it turned out. Created from two different photographs I was able to combine them into one gorgeous piece that I know they will cherish for many years. This is a new product I am offering and will do a formal announcement soon but in the meantime please enjoy. Dana and Logan (below) thank you for your kind compliments!

pet portrait painting

Pet Portrait Paintings – Made from your pet photography session!

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Pet Photography Session – Fairmont Park Riverside Ca


First blog post of 2017! Last year was a blur of getting better from a wrist and shoulder injury while maintaining work and many responsibilities.  Despite all that I was still able to shoot some great sessions. This was my first time shooting at Fairmont Park in Riverside, Ca and my client was kind enough to meet me there since it was close to home. Her dogs Mika, Piper and Carli are older and having different health issues as well and we wanted to keep it fun and easy.

The park is sooo pretty and happily pet friendly and we all got a kick out of the little bridges and spots to sit and look out upon the water. The dogs all gave me great poses which was impressive considering all the smells and ducks that were running about. We had great treats but I know that wasn’t easy!

I want to make a special mention for Carli who very sadly is not with us anymore. This was her last photo shoot and it was an honor for me to do it. She was a sweet dog and really liked her. We were glad to give her one last fun day at the park. I know that is very much missed and am sorry we won’t get to see her again.




Piper was the biggest cuddliest puppy ever! Update. Piper has successfully recovered from shoulder surgery and is doing wonderfully :0)

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Family Session in Oceanside

This was such a great session because we centered it around fun! How much I love that I have no words for. We did it all, played in the grass, hiked, climbed rocks, climbed trees and even did some target practice. We finished up at Oceanside beach and enjoyed the most incredible sunset. Really it rocked our world. The boys were awesome and dad was so mellow and fun and up for it all.

I hope that we can all have as much fun as this every time we meet. Thanks guys can’t wait to hang out with you again, and you boys don’t grow up too quick!








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Keeping it in the Family – K9 Officer Family Portraits

This was such a cool and unique session. This family had dedicated their lives to protecting and serving the public, and yes that includes the dog! We got together in Oceanside at the historic Luis Del Rey Mission to get these wonderful images of them to honor their efforts and careers. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.

Nero, the K9 police officer dog is someone I’ve met before and even seen in action and it is really impressive. He took relaxed mood that afternoon and even gave me some cute head tilts and poses, although he did wear his uniform and vest for me. You can easily see that he is an officer but also a great pet. His love for Karina and James is very obvious and sweet.

Kudos to Karina for her idea for the door shot it’s one of my favorite ones, my clients are so creative! We hope to see them all again very soon and meet the rest of the family.

pet photography k9 officer

k9 officer dog

dog k9 officer portrait

dog portait session photography

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For Barley the Yellow Lab

Barley was a beautiful dog we met this summer under sad circumstances. This beautiful lab was diagnosed with serious illness and we called out to photograph him before his time came. I have a love/hate relationship with these pet sessions. On the one hand I am deeple honored to be able to provide this service for my clients, on the other I normally struggle not to leave tears. Its a tough situation but we can say we really understand how these owners feel. Many times I can honestly say that I have sat and thought that I wish I’d had better photos of some of our lost loved ones before they passed.

Happily Barley was feeling pretty good the day we arrived and we made a point not to do anything that would tire him out too much so we shot the session in his owners very pretty yard. He was very happy to go along from spot to spot and gave us the cutest smiles the entire time. Can I say I LOVE doggies who smile! He really didn’t act sick but we knew better  and yet we were glad he enjoyed himself and had a nice afternoon. Below are some photos from this sweet boy who had to go to over the rainbow that next week. That’s about all I have to say about that for now because even though it was just an afternoon that we knew him we still hurt for him and owners. Sometimes things just aren’t fair, but Barley shined on right through to the end of his journey here. Sweet boy.






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