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Where Can I Find a Cat Photographer? Try Escondido, Ca!

Okay so what about the kitties? Well yes, naturally we love them too! Cat photography is certainly a specialized skill. Joe and I own 7 and had as many as 13 at once. So we are very comfortable with them and they with us! Normally cats who are more social will do well with a photography session. As a matter fact some of them really enjoy it. Like Nerfertiti the Egyptian Sphynx we photographed just before Easter. She was so much fun! The Egyptian Sphynx is known for having a childlike personality and certainly saw this in Nefertiti. She ran around and around our backdrop playing hide and seek and even pounced her friends Gucci and Bella from underneath it. We had a lot of being her photographers for the day and even asked if we can come back just to play with her, she was that much of a joy 😀

An interesting fact about Egyptian Sphynx cats is that they are not actually hairless. They only appear to be. Their bodies are covered with a soft down that is difficult to see.  The texture of the skin has been compared to peach skin and I thought she was incredibly soft. These are really amazing pets!

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