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Annie and Linda – Pet Photography – Healthy Pet Magazine

I’ve been waiting, not so patiently, for the summer publication of Healthy Pet, published by and yay! It’s out! Annie, the rescue dog I photographed is a small Chihuahua who has survived some harrowing experiences. I guess you can her a death defying little rescue. She survived living on the streets, a severe case of kennel cough and even a rattlesnake bite. She is such a tiny little thing that it all seems very remarkable when you meet her.

Annie and Linda, her very loving owner, met me at a gorgeous park in the shadow of the San Bernardino mountains. Let me tell you something she LOVES Linda, it was very cute. I was able to strategically place Linda wherever I wanted Annie to look. Though tiny she has a proud little stance but is also very loving. She wants to look you in the face and will literally climb up your leg like a cat does. I saw her do it to Linda! So funny, she has a lot of personality. So glad none of those very serious experiences did her in.

Photographing Annie was an inspiring reminder that it doesn’t matter how big you are but really the strength of your heart and spirit. I have no doubt she can handle anything in her future and I hope that it’s just love, pets and long walks with her beloved Linda.

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