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Oceanside Family Pet Photo Session

I couldn’t wait to share these images of Jake and Manny! They turned out way too cute and I’m in love with their little faces! Manny, was kind of shy and was feeling slightly nervous. The funny thing is he so photogenic you really can’t tell. I mean look at him he’s downright regal. Jake was the funniest, cutest little thing. SHE is a character inspired by my clients favorite show when she was a child and just had to have a doggie names Jake. Those little faces are a pet photographers dream!

This was a fun little family to work with. I love it when people think of their dogs as their kids. Mostly because I am guilty it myself, honestly its feels downright natural. Our session was an anniversary gift given to Amy by her thoughtful hubby AJ. I know I’m kind of biased but what a great gift!

We had fun and nice time at the park and got to enjoy some beautiful image for our efforts. I mean really, what’s not to like about any of this experience 🙂









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