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Ruger the Mexican Hairless Dog – Professional Pet Photography

I’ll just go ahead and admit that when I saw photos of Ruger on Facebook I was immediately smitten with him! I wanted to photograph him very much! He is obviously a neat looking little fellow but know that he’s got the personality to match. An observant little guy he is getting used to living at a new home with one of my good friends Nitro the Jack Russell. I hear they are both having a blast and have become fast friends well matched in energy and temperament. I can imagine what they must sound like tearing around the house.

Ruger has such an interesting background. The Mexican hairless, also known as xōlōitzcuintli (nicknamed Xolo), is not related to the Chinese Crested although they do look kind of similar. This breed is over 3500 years old. I’m no expert but found it fascinating to read and learn more about this type of dog. I found it interesting that they appear in many artifacts and are the national dog of Mexico. What I do know for sure is that Ruger is a very nice dog, cute, inquisitive, and very elegant and I would not mind having a Ruger of my own!

banyan-pet-photography-mexican-hairless-1 banyan-pet-photography-ruger-1 banyan-pet-photography-ruger-1-2 banyan-pet-photography-ruger-1-3

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