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Wynter Is Home

This was such an emotional session! Wynter is a beautiful Great Pyranese that was rescued from a meat market and horrors that I care not to mention here.  She was transported to California and has been adopted by a wonderful woman who had dedicated her life to saving pets of all types.

Meeting Wynter was something I had been really looking forward to and was curious about her personality. I was not disappointed. She had a depth that was immediately obvious and such soulful eyes. It was truly and effort to become overwhelmed at how happy we are for her to be saved and now be living a safe and fulfilled life. Wynter will be joined soon by another dog saved from a similar situation. We hope to meet her soon. In the meantime we just very happy to welcome Wynter to the US and raise whatever awareness that we can about dog in similar plights.




To learn more and donate please follow this link:

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Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

One of the challenges we had recently was an invitation to photograph 7, yes 7 puppies all at once. These little beauties were all going to be on their families Christmas cards too. Getting them to hold still wasn’t the problem, not rolling around on the floor with them the whole time was! In the end we did get some very cute portraits and learned that American Bulldogs are quite clever at only 3 months old.

This puppy photography session was a great example of when it’s a good idea to do an in home session.  Obviously it’s not easy to travel with this many dogs and go out in public trying to hold 7 leashes. At home they felt comfortable and playful which was pretty much what we wanted. Home sessions are always available upon request and great for “packs”, and pets who just prefer not to travel. We are happy to come and visit and make those portraits happen!




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