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Sam, Apple & Chowder Pet Photography Session

Meet Sam, Apple & Chowder! When I was contacted about this session I was told there would three very rambunctious golden retrievers and my client was not sure that they would hold still long enough to photograph. Honestly I loved the challenge and who doesn’t like hanging out with Goldens? They are always a blast. These three did not disappoint, we had a merry time walking about the park and they were as enthusiastic as I’d expected but also sweet lovable dogs and in no way wild or unruly. They just had a lot of love and energy to give it! By the end of the session they all relaxed into it and I was even able to get some portraits will all three posing for me. We were all very excited about this. It was a beautiful afternoon and we finished out the session with the sun setting gloriously behind them.

Sam was especially friendly and we learned that he is going through cancer treatments. You would have NEVER known it, this dog was so full of life! I was so happy to photograph him and inspired as well. He has boundless energy and a shining spirit. What a LOVE. Sam is currently still undergoing treatment and it doing well. We hope that this continues for some time. He is a joy and love were contagious. Way to go Sam we loved you instantly!





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