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Lucy Liu – Pet Photography Session – Lake Elsinore

Meet Lucy Liu, who yes is name after the actress! Lucy is a shih Tzu mix who was rescued from a shelter in Lake Elsinore by a very sweet and kindly couple who she now enjoys retirement with. She is a sweet little thing and very curious. She seemed to not quite believe I was there just to see her at first, but once it really set in she was all over it! She ran to various places and gave me cute poses as if almost suggesting new locations to do the pet session. She was great to work with. I am always so very happy to meet and photograph pets who have been rescued from lives on the streets or possibly euthanasia. They are all precious and deserve and chance and I think Lucy Liu won the lottery on this one! I was very flattered at how happy she was to see me when I returned to deliver their prints. She is currently recovering from eye surgery but when I saw her she didn’t seem bothered at all. Lucy be well and I hope you get to take the cone off soon so we can play!

pet photography

pet photography

pet photography lake elsinore

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