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Susan G Komen Paws for the Cure 2013

This was such a great event! We were very honored to be invited to participate in the first ever Susan G Komen, Bark for the Cure Fundraiser. Their first ever which took place in Murrieta Ca. If you do not know the story behind the Susan G Komen foundation you should.  Nancy G. Brinker promised her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, that she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever.

The Inland Empire Affiliate was founded in 1966, incorporated in 1998 and hosted its inaugural Race for the Cure® in 1999

Very few people are not familiar with this name and now dog lovers are participating in the cause too. The fundraiser featured a Walk with your pets and family and cool events like the Weenie Dog Races and Best Trick Contest. With a host of vendors showcasing great products for beloved pets they came in droves, dressed in pink outfits and costumes and frolicked the morning away. Let me tell you as a the pet photographer for this event I was busy every moment! There was a lot going on and I wanted to capture it all. I ended up shooting over 1,000 images that morning and would have gladly gone all day. We will be looking forward to next years event and what fun activities they will have in store for participants and their dogs.

If you were not able to make it but would still love to help Paws for the Cure presented several booths with the CUTEST doggie product! Really its a good thing I was busy or we would have left broke! It’s not too late though, visit the store and remember every purchase goes to the noble cause of saving the “Ta Ta’s” and saving lives.

Visit the Susan G Komen Store

Visit the Susan G Komen Inland Empire Affiliate Page

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Angel The Pomeranian – Pet Photography Album

I enjoyed creating Angels album so much that I had to share. Angel is a carefree and fun loving Pomeranian from Menifee, Ca. This pet was so fun to photography, she loved every minute of it. From her session at Menifee Lake in Menifee to her studio session she got the hang of what we were doing very quickly and made so many cute little poses they were impossible to narrow down and choose from, they were all so cute! Her little Pomeranian personality shined through in her portraits and I’m sure she would have been happy to play all day as would have I.

When shooting a pet photography session in the outdoors we really think about safety first. We settled on a Lake shoot at Menifee Lakes which provided us with a great natural setting that went well with her natural beauty. The sun was setting soon and it gave her golden colored fur a gorgeous glow. She really wanted to chase some ducks but our treats won over and she was happy to look at them from a distance and we stayed on leash and on point the entire time. She didn’t seem tired after her session and her sweet owner Diane said she was good to go for the rest of the afternoon.

I hope to work with Angel again. A funner time can’t be had and little dogs like that really make my job a joy. Enjoy the pages of Angels album below and I’m sure as I did. You will fall in love with her too!


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Canine Support Teams – Graduation 2012

Here is a collage with some of the photos I took at the Caninie Support Teams 2012 Graduation. This wonderful group of folks spend their time training service dogs for disabled persons and veterans of war. Ive been lucky enough to capture their efforts several times and am very impressed with their passion and dedication and of course not to mention the dogs!

CST is always looking for Puppy Trainers. Basically they are in need of volunteers who raise and help train the puppies until its their time to go home someone and begin their dedicated lives and careers. If you are interested in volunteering to this worthy cause please contact Jane Kitt Williamson Palmer. Get to know the team! Visit CST’s Facebook page here:

Canine Support Teams Service Dogs

Canine Support Teams Service Dogs

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