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Oliver the Cocker Spaniel

This is a great little cocker spaniel that I have known literally since he was a puppy! Oliver has lived a really wonderful life thanks to his “mom” Gloria who has rescued several cocker spaniels and maintains a deep love and admiration for the breed. Oliver, who is now approaching 14 years old is still happy and playful and even loves to play ball. He seemed to really enjoy the photography session and understand quickly what I wanted him to do. Even though he’s got some grey whiskers now his cute little face hasn’t changed much from when he was a pup. He always had a sweet and interested personality, next time we will have to include the kitten he’s adopted. I understand the two are inseparable. Congratulations Ollie!

Many thanks to Oliver and and Gloria and Im so glad to see him doing so well and living such a happy doggie life!



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Temecula Senior Session

My fellow pet lover / rescue personality Maureen called me up last week wanting to know if was able to do a last minute senior session for her daughter for prom. What did I say? Of course! I really could have spent the whole afternoon with Haelee. She is so pretty and so confident. We met at Harveston Lake in Temecula. All the prom seniors were out and everyone looked fabulous and excited. There was a great energy and excitement in the air. We were very happy to be there to share in the fun! Haelee’s session didn’t include her moms rescue pit bulls but that’s okay because we are going to catch up with her later. In the meantime it was just Haelee in her gorgeous prom dress, her date, friends and a beautiful lake. What more (besides doggies and cats) could we ask!







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