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Murrieta Family Photography Session

Murrieta Family Photography Session

I have been patiently waiting to share these photos! Now I know you all will wonder where are the doggies? Okay well they will be coming up very soon, but now now it’s all about the “fam”. This family photography session took place in Murrieta at the cutest little park with a charming stream that runs behind it. The Hahn’s and company all gathered and spent time with me here. I think I can confidently say that we all had a very fun time. The light was golden and beautiful and the company as well.

So they say don’t fall in love with your photos. But I love this next family portrait. The light shining through those trees and that golden grass? The pop of the green in harmony with the blues? And a beautiful family in front! Again I say I love this one!


Many thanks to Sharon & Bud who’s ongoing accomplisments in health never cease to impress me. We go back a ways and I groomed they pups in my pet grooming shop and now I am blessed to meet their human family too. Thanks so much you guys are an inspiration and trully beautiful people!


Farewell to the Hahns for now and they head back home but we’ll meet again in the Fall and have some fun with those doggies of yours too!

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