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Escondido Pet Photography Session

You won’t have more fun than Rhonda and her Furr Gang, Callie, Wyatt & Huck. Our Pet photography session took place on a private ranch near Escondido in San Diego County and we all really had a blast. Wyatt the “Go to Ground” Jack or Parson Russel Terrier was a riot. That little guy hears the slightest rustle in the grass and is off! Huck and Callie who are also sports dogs are avid in the sport of agility were lots of fun too. Rhonda who has spent her share of time behind the lens of a camera has this pack well used to posing for photographs. I couldn’t ask for a more fun loving and obedient group of pals.

Pet Photography Escondido

We spent the afternoon on the private ranch walking, talking and taking shot after shot. I really enjoyed talking with Rhonda and hearing about hers and the dogs many adventures. Rhonda really gave me a treat by inviting me to the private ranch where we were able to see views of the valley and many gorgeous and interesteding plants.  These are lives fully lived and it was a privilege to spent time with all of them!

Pet Photography in Escondido, San Diego, Ca

Pet Photography San Diego County, Ca

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